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mistakes I’ve made

TMI Personal Care and Beauty

Disclaimer: this post has been brought to you by at least 4 people trying to sell me their "miracle" skin stuff they're selling. And one being rude when I rejected politely, saying something like "well if you're not interested in... Continue Reading →


Spinning Wheels

One of the side effects of being home alone so much is the constant internal dialogue with no one to bounce things off of. It's been me and the mutt, with me mostly working on chores around the house and... Continue Reading →

Adventures with Julia Child

Today marked my first attempt to bake a Julia Child recipe! Straight from her first cook book, I decided to make┬áReine de Saba or Chocolate Almond Cake. But let's start at the beginning here. Yesterday our basement flooded. When the... Continue Reading →

Sun Poisoning and Other Toxins

Toxic relationships

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