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Summer Update, 2018

Hey guys. Been even longer than usual for me. I'm not even apologizing any more, haha. I'm currently sitting in my NEW PAPASAN CHAIR!!!! with a sunburn from an amazing day at the beach with the family. Fay and Dad... Continue Reading →


The One Where Monica Wins

Last weekend was the wedding! It was amazing, and wonderful, and I'll delve into that more in the next post because I had something more.... needing of writing. Writing is my therapy, after all. Very few people know this, but... Continue Reading →

Growth and Goals

Recently, I've been reading and watching a lot of "inspirational" stories or stories about new year resolutions, 101 in 1001 challenges, things like that. There is no way I could do the 101 in 1001 challenge. That kind of stuff... Continue Reading →

Clever Dogs and Chaos

Remind me again: why did I get a clever dog? Gunny has displayed a few new self-taught tricks this past week. The first one was climbing up the stairs until he was at the same height as a bookshelf/side table... Continue Reading →

Causes and Remedies (Potentially)

As I've mentioned before, a few times, I've been seriously struggling with anxiety/panic attacks this year. Cue Monday night being over-tired and having things to to the next day causing an episode of shaking, crying, and breathing problems. For the... Continue Reading →


Two posts in a row; aren't you lucky ducks? Actually, I stayed home from church this evening because of feeling icky and having back pain and I'm bored. Pastor is in a repetitious cycle through Acts, and I couldn't bring... Continue Reading →

Spinning Wheels

One of the side effects of being home alone so much is the constant internal dialogue with no one to bounce things off of. It's been me and the mutt, with me mostly working on chores around the house and... Continue Reading →

Adventures with Julia Child

Today marked my first attempt to bake a Julia Child recipe! Straight from her first cook book, I decided to make┬áReine de Saba or Chocolate Almond Cake. But let's start at the beginning here. Yesterday our basement flooded. When the... Continue Reading →

“Servantless American Cooks”

So, Fay left for college today. Everyone in our family (minus me) left this morning with a church van, trailer, and Fay's car packed to the brims with her stuff and their luggage. We spent her last night in town... Continue Reading →

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