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Growth and Goals

Recently, I've been reading and watching a lot of "inspirational" stories or stories about new year resolutions, 101 in 1001 challenges, things like that. There is no way I could do the 101 in 1001 challenge. That kind of stuff... Continue Reading →


Spinning Wheels

One of the side effects of being home alone so much is the constant internal dialogue with no one to bounce things off of. It's been me and the mutt, with me mostly working on chores around the house and... Continue Reading →

Faith vs. Brain

We went to the beach! Woohoo! I love the beach. I'm pretty sure I haveĀ it in my blood. My dad and sister can spend hours hiking through the woods, looking at plants, and enjoying nature. I can't. I can, however,... Continue Reading →

Learning to Live, Part 2

Here, I will tackle the courting/looking for a husband part of my earlier list of griefs. For a good, long, fat list as to why I believe courting doesn't work, check out this article. The author does a really excellent... Continue Reading →

Learning to Live, Part 1

Growing up in conservative Baptist circles, or any conservative Christian groups actually, a lot of emphasis is placed on marriage. Specifically a few things related to it: Courting is law. One does not date anyone they are interest in, they... Continue Reading →

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