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Causes and Remedies (Potentially)

As I've mentioned before, a few times, I've been seriously struggling with anxiety/panic attacks this year. Cue Monday night being over-tired and having things to to the next day causing an episode of shaking, crying, and breathing problems. For the... Continue Reading →


Quick Update

Mom's home!!! Seriously this is just about all that matters, so I could end the post here. But I won't. Instead, I'll ramble on because I'm bored, tired, and feel the need to update this semi-regularly. Fair warning. For those... Continue Reading →

Cooking Adventures, ctd

Continuing my adventures in adulting on my own! For the record, I continued cooking the chicken the following night with more potatoes. It was delicious. Dad and I are still eating the cake, which is also delicious. Yesterday, Dad and... Continue Reading →

Adventures with Julia Child

Today marked my first attempt to bake a Julia Child recipe! Straight from her first cook book, I decided to make┬áReine de Saba or Chocolate Almond Cake. But let's start at the beginning here. Yesterday our basement flooded. When the... Continue Reading →

“Servantless American Cooks”

So, Fay left for college today. Everyone in our family (minus me) left this morning with a church van, trailer, and Fay's car packed to the brims with her stuff and their luggage. We spent her last night in town... Continue Reading →

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