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November’s Finally Here, Let 2016 End

November is finally here, and with it comes NaNoWriMo, Thanksgiving, my friend's *kinda* unexpected wedding (SQUEAL!), the election (Bleh), and a lot of....well, insert strong word of choice here┬áblah. Let's start with the wedding news. Our friend Nicole, who has... Continue Reading →


Drumroll, Please

Lots of news for this post, so it will probably rant and ramble a bit because, if you haven't figured this out by now, that's how I roll. I will, however, endeavor to maintain some semblance of order and not... Continue Reading →

Sick Update (sorry for the rambling)

I'm going to call the vitamin treatment a success. Last night was a near-miss thing, but as soon as I realized the real source of my problem, it went away. Honestly, I haven't had any real panic attacks or even... Continue Reading →

Brief Update on Life

Warning: this one rambles. I'm tired. Last post I had mentioned starting an intake of Magnesium and Vitamin B and Iron to help with my anxiety. I started by taking Magnesium and Vitamin B at night before bed. Honestly, I... Continue Reading →

Causes and Remedies (Potentially)

As I've mentioned before, a few times, I've been seriously struggling with anxiety/panic attacks this year. Cue Monday night being over-tired and having things to to the next day causing an episode of shaking, crying, and breathing problems. For the... Continue Reading →

Dog Sitting, Still

So, today is day 4 of dog sitting. Turns out, my aunt's dog is spoiled to the point where I'm not his biggest fan anymore. The dog she was nervous about is actually a complete sweetheart. My aunt has a... Continue Reading →

Dog-sitting, Day 1

Where am I? About 2 hours from home at my aunt's house dog-sitting for her and her sister-in-law. This aunt is my mom's next oldest sibling (Mom's the youngest of 5 kids), and she and my uncle are my favorite... Continue Reading →

Settling in

So, this is sort of what I had intended to post last time, but never got around to it because I was pressed for time and distracted. We are finally regaining a semblance of normality around here. I mean, the... Continue Reading →

New job! Kinda!

Update on last post: So, the dog didn't get me killed, amazingly. It was actually my phone muffled under my blankets upstairs when my parents tried to call me because it was Noah's Flood outside and they wanted me to... Continue Reading →

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