Be it by chance or intention, you have stumbled onto my blog of life ramblings. Welcome, and I’m so sorry. For though I possess a degree in writing, this blog is by no means my professional one. Instead, it will contain my thoughts, feelings, experiences, hopes, dreams, prayers, and occasionally my rants as they come to me or as I see fit to pen them. Now that you have been warned, here’s a bit about myself.


My name is Calli.*

At the time of starting this blog, I am 23 years old.

I come from a family of five, plus one neurotic mutt. I am also the oldest child.

I still live at home because the world is expensive and I just obtained my bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing.

I was inspired to write this blog by my best friend, Phoebe*. (Here’s her blog which is undoubtedly more coherent and purpose-driven.)

Ice-cream and Popcorn are two of my main food groups, followed closely by cheesecake.

To date, I have been to 3 countries outside the USA: Peru, Ireland, and the UK. Not Canada though, which is unusual considering I live in Michigan.

Oh yeah, I live in Michigan.

My favorite authors are as follows: Rick Riordan, Gail Carson Levine, Christopher Paolini, and John Flanagan. (Notice a theme anyone?)

The theme above was Middle Grade/ YA fantasy, which is my main mode of fiction.

I have an obsession with Ancient and Medieval history, particularly the weaponry and mythologies.

Marvel movies are my weakness.

I have an unhealthy obsession with all things cute.

There is a 95% chance that there is saltwater in my veins. I’m addicted to the beach. Michigan has some pretty good unsalted ones too. (Hence the Great Lakes tagline: Unsalted and Shark-free.)

I love thunderstorms.


Unless I’m on a beach, I really do not enjoy just being in the outdoors. Occasionally I do, but I’m not a hiker, and never ever ever ever have been or will be a gardener. But beaches are good.

Mentally, I’ve been informed I alternate between an ADHD 4 year-old and a 60 year-old. You will see this in the posts, I’m sure.

Many hate this, many love it, but i happen to enjoy the Myers-Briggs Personality system. I’m 99.999% I’m an INFJ. Part of this certainty came from taking the test, reading the results, and having my mother and sister laughing so hard they couldn’t breathe because it was so me. Mom says they followed me around and wrote down my life.


That’s pretty much it for now. I may add to this as I see fit, but for now, it will suffice. Please feel free to ask me any questions.


* All names on this blog have been changed to protect

  • myself
  • the person I’m talking about
  • my sanity

Many of the names were Phoebe’s creation, and I have borrowed them for the sake of keeping things sane. Others will be my own invention. To such ends, Calli is not my real name, but rather a pseudonym with hints (one teeny teeny tiny one) at a real childhood nickname. Thanks for your understanding. Good luck.