This is the part of the blog post where I say that I’m blogging because I realized I wrote a few partial drafts but haven’t published anything in months, and was reminded to by Phoebe and Jo. I’m pathetic at this.

Life! Oh the craziness that has ensued since I last posted in….August. Wow. That’s pathetic. This may be a long one. Brace yourselves, I’ve actually had a life for the first time ever.

So, remember how Makenna thought Ian was flirting with me? Yeah, not so much. I was right.

Let me start over. We have another friend at work that Makenna has known for a few years named Maria. She’s like that party-girl friend everyone is required to have in life but instead of being 21, she’s over 50. She likes to hang out with a group of us from work, which is cool but we’re all under 25 so it’s kinda…. weird. She has 3 sons, and she defines flibbertigibbet. Literally. Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.08.12 AM

I told her at one point on our regular lunch runs that I maybe liked Ian. At least, I liked him more than most, but I certainly wasn’t looking for anything. He’s a fantastic friend. Also, I don’t get crushes really. My brain just doesn’t work like that.

Anyway, it turns out Ian came to her because he’d introduced his friend (and other co-worker. seriously.) to a different guy friend at one of their bonfires. They started dating. He went to Maria to talk about it because other coworker had called him out on suddenly being weird. So he told Maria he liked this girl, and she evidently told him that… wait for it…

I liked him.

Yup. So Ian tells Maria he’s interested in a girl who just started dating someone, and she tells him that I have a crush on him. Which is highly exaggerated from what I told her. In confidence. Oi.

How do I know this? Just you wait, it gets better.

I invited him to a movie like 4 days later. Yup. Not knowing any of this, but we had both wanted to see a movie that we thought was no longer in theaters. I found it in a local one, and invited him to go. He said we should get food after, which I agreed to because I like food. And he told me all of that.

Jo and Phoebe are probably picturing my panicked and confused face right now.

I told him she had seriously blown that out of proportion, we talked, and we’re cool. And I learned not to trust Maria with any secrets or slightly private info ever again.

Makenna was completely flabbergasted when she heard. I still can’t figure out why that would have ever seemed like a good idea to tell someone. Especially at that point in time.

And total honesty time: I do like him more than most guys. He checks off a lot of boxes on my list, including some I didn’t know I had.

So, reason #2 why Makenna is sad that her ship just sunk like the freaking Titanic. Because Maria threw the iceberg in the water. It’s cool. Annnnnddd….

I’ve continued going to swing dance class with him every week. It’s so much fun! It’s also allowed me to become friends with someone I’ve been hearing about for years at church: Hope.

Hope was in a terrible accident in my senior year of high school. Like, doctors still say she shouldn’t be alive. But she is. And she comes to dance a lot. She’s still crippled. She doesn’t move very well, and her spine is kinda hunched now. She struggles speaking at a normal speed, but she’s still smart as a whip. No brain damage there. And she loves God and wants to spread word of him and his love and grace through her story to anyone who will listen. And some who won’t. She can be a little much sometimes, and a bit clueless about things, but she’s super sweet.

Anyway, I’ve made more friends there, and Ian and I have worked up to doing aerials! It’s fantastic fun. It took a long time for me to be comfortable with them, and he has been amazingly patient in letting me build up my trust in him in my own time. But now I’m pretty much letting him spin me upside-down and drop me whenever he wants, so I think his patience paid off. He loves doing them, but until I started coming, his usual partner is Hope. She still wants to do everything we do, which I absolutely admire about her. She has no fear of anything. But it’s really hard on the guy when the girl can’t move very well. Still, it’s been amazing. And we need more guys to come.

They actually canceled this last session for Halloween and we were SOOOO bummed! See, my costume this year was Supergirl (and yes, I did rock it, thank you very much), which would have been perfect for some of those moves! We had one in particular where Ian needs to get a good grip around my back and that costume would’ve made it really easy. Oh well.

Moving on.

I went camping with Ian, Maria, and a few others a couple of weeks ago. That gets its own separate post. As does work lately.

On to the biggest news to-date (which you’ve probably already read on Phoebe and Jo’s blogs):

Aiden and Nina are engaged!

People were asking me if I had an issue with my brother being married before me.

A clue: no.


They’ve been best friends since they met. Actually, they’ve basically been dating since they were 12. It was bound to happen. As long as his medical records come back ok, he’s joining the Air Force. And Basic is in San Antonio. So…. out of state they go. The recruiters all told him the process is much easier if they’re married before basic than after. So, if he gets in, they’re getting married…. Probably in December. If not, they’ll wait until he gets a stable job.

Nina got Mom’s old wedding ring (she got a replacement heirloom one a few years ago), which she loves. People have also asked me about that. And the fact that my mom offered Nina her old dress if she wants it. No, I don’t care. Neither items are my style, and they were offered to us first. I’m good.

So that’s happening. Otherwise, life has been pretty much normal. Until we hear from the pharmacy about his medical records, we’re just continuing life. If it all goes well, I’m sure this house will get a little more chaotic, but we’re still pretty laid back about the whole thing.

They’ve already “not changed their minds” about the tiny, immediate-family-only ceremony and opened it to basic extended family and some friends. We’re looking at about 100 people probably. Decent size. That’s probably half made up of my family. Most of that my mom’s side. Nina’s cool with it. And as we pointed out to them, even if your relatives from who-knows-where don’t come, invite them anyway and they will send cash with their regrets. Always invite the rich relatives. It sounds shallow, but it’s just smart planning.

They’ve also actually changed their plans from tiny ceremony with a dinner after and a reception another date, to the more traditional wedding and reception order. Mom’s happy.

Anyway, that’s life guys.

Songs I’ve been listening to:

  1. Runnin’ Home to You, by Grant Gustin (from the Flash)
  2. Grace Vanderwaal (All of it is pretty good, but I’m partial to Clay and Sick of Being Told)
  3. Hanging by a Thread, by Aaron Espe
  4. Beauty and the Beast soundtrack

Movies lately:

  2. Hacksaw Ridge (great movie)

Peace out, faithful readers.