Remind me again: why did I get a clever dog?

Gunny has displayed a few new self-taught tricks this past week. The first one was climbing up the stairs until he was at the same height as a bookshelf/side table pushed up against that wall. He pushed his head through the railing to grab some candy from the candy dish there. Luckily, the candy was Starburst, so they’re wrapped. Also, he over shot by one post and ended up inches from the lamp instead. But still. I about died watching him.

The other trick is more painful. One video we were watching about teaching puppies not to bite involved saying “no” when they do, obviously, then rewarding them as soon as they stop. So, now he’ll mouth you until you say “no,” then stop and poke your other hand for his treat. He is now biting so that we’ll give him a treat when he stops. Needless to say we’re moving on to other techniques….

Mom swears he’s doubled in size since we got him. He’s certainly not 12lbs anymore, I’ll tell you that much. His second vet appointment is tomorrow, where he’ll receive his booster shot and I’ll hopefully get some answers on questions that the last vet couldn’t be bothered with.

The one thing I didn’t quite prepare myself for was the mass assumption that I got a Sheltie. I tell people he’s a Collie, and they just assume he’s a miniature. I mention he’s growing, and they’ll say “well, I mean, he won’t get that big at least!” And I get momentarily confused before stating that no, he’ll actually get into the 50-60lb range. About the size of a super-fluffy Lab. He’ll look bigger with all the fluff, but he’s not some lap dog. He’s a real dog, dang it. And people are always surprised at that. I like big dogs. I had a Great Dane/Lab/Blue-Tick Coonhound mix, for goodness sakes. This girl doesn’t fool around.

The other thing I was unprepared for is how hard it is to research Collies. Go ahead. Try looking up a growth chart for a Rough Collie. They’re all for Border Collies. Which are adorable, but not what I have and not remotely helpful.

Georgia has started random acts of meanness to the puppy. We’re dealing. Usually she’s fine, but the past week she’ll just
randomly snap at him or snarl when he’s nowhere near her. Mom gave her a good jab for it the other day, and she’s starting to understand it’s not ok. We’ve always had fairly well-behaved dogs, but we’re navigating unfamiliar waters here with two dogs. IMG_0639Believe me, we are big fans of Cesar, but we do disagree with one or two of his techniques, largely because of the Neurotic Wonder and her abusive past. I’ll have to sign up for puppy classes soon enough… add that to my list of things to do. He still tries to cuddle and play with her. Sometimes she’ll let him sleep near her and it’s completely adorable.

Phoebe and I went to see Gifted last weekend. It wasn’t astoundingly inventive or anything like that. It was a good bit better than Hallmark though while still being satisfyingly happy/sappy. Plus, the casting was great. They did have a couple curve balls in there that we weren’t expecting. It was altogether quite enjoyable. We did have to drive an hour or so to get to a theater playing it though. It’s on limited release, meaning they’re only releasing it in big cities. Needless to say neither of our little sister towns qualified as that. It was worth it though. It gave us time to actually hang out for the first time in months. Also, despite being midday on a Saturday, the theater was empty. So that was cool.

Life has been absolutely bonkers and is getting more so by the day. I got a new laptop finally! Just in time to do my mom’s resume for a possible job opportunity and to update the bulletin for church again. Math class technically starts today. We had a bridal shower Saturday for my cousin’s fiancee. Sunday was Pastor’s 25th anniversary at our church. I need new shoes and clothes, not to mention a dress for the wedding next month. Fay is home from college for the summer, sleeping in our sunroom. Graduation parties are starting this weekend. I have a new website to build. Oi. I have a billion things to do and no time to do them in. I refuse to look at my bank account for a couple weeks because I just paid tuition, $2k for a computer, and probably another $200 for dog stuff and a case for my computer plus another $200 for loan payments. Phew!

Somewhere in there I need to make time to hang out with friends and do things for myself. If you haven’t noticed it yet, I tend to neglect myself a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I still need to get a massage or something for my back and neck. The muscles between my shoulders and neck are so tight that my chiropractor exclaimed about it. Lovely. I’m sure this self-neglect (and friend-neglect) has absolutely nothing to do with my anxiety problems… Heh. Heh. One thing that is helping my back is that I finally got a sit-to-stand desk at work! It has privacy and everything! I digress.

Phoebe does this thing where she actually takes a day off once in a while for herself and not for appointments. I haven’t done that in… years. I always feel a little guilty missing work, but I know I need to do it. It wouldn’t be paid for me (I have maybe 1 day saved up so far), but it still needs to happen. If I do it any time soon, it’ll just be for shopping though. As I mentioned, I’m in desperate need for some new clothes. I got some work pants the other day, and then realized I got rid of my dressy flat sandals… Which just added some immediacy to the evil shoe shopping trip that already needed to happen. You know, in my spare time. I hate shoe shopping though. I have large, flat feet, with narrow heels and an old injury. It sucks.

Well. This had no cohesion or direction. So, I’ll leave you with something I used to do on old blogs. Featured media!

Music: I’m currently just obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide. Also, discovered an old one of his called Give Me Love.

Movie: Gifted. Go see it. It’s cute. Wait! The new Guardians of the Galaxy comes out this week! Everyone go. Me included. Marvel Movie week!

Book:…. I still haven’t read the latest Ranger’s Apprentice book. I got it as a Christmas gift for Aiden. Started it in January. Haven’t really read it since. I’m like halfway through. I go through spurts. I’ll finish eventually. Oh! New Rick Riordan book comes out tomorrow! It’s a fantastic week!

TTFN, ta ta for now!