I think I should stop apologizing for long gaps between posts. It’s going to happen. I’m not going to change it. It’s probably better if we all just accept it and move on.

Job update: I am no longer on project-based employment! I’m full time, and I got a raise! Woohoo! I even get vacation days now! It’s pretty awesome. However, things have gotten really confusing with who’s doing what job around the office. Turns out, my supervisor wasn’t my supervisor. There are no supervisors. We all report directly to the boss, and only to him. Which works for me but makes some interesting confusion around dynamics. Also, even though everyone thought he was moving to the slightly-higher position with the website, he actually took over the job from the guy who got fired and is organizing who gets what work and when and making sure everything moves smoothly. So, people thought I would be taking his job. That didn’t really happen. I mean, a lot of what he was doing is just done, but the rest… he’s still kinda juggling things. So people are like “hey, are you doing what he was doing now?” and I’m sitting there responding with things like “I honestly have no idea,” or “Kinda? No one really knows what’s going on right now.” It’s marvelous.

Also, I just got pulled into a big web-related project with the Japanese people. They call Americans entitled, but they all want special treatment and changes and individuality because they’re special and important. Nope. Sorry. You’re no better than anyone else. So now, I get to coordinate with the upper-level executive and the Japanese people to get this page figured out. It took all my life skills not to have a complete mental breakdown as it was being given to me. So now I’m trying to figure that out. I told the girl who gave it to me (after she asked, I promise) that if it was too much, I’d let her know, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out. It’s just… a bit overwhelming.

Annnnd someone came by while I was writing this to encourage me in my new project and stuff. That’s nice. It’s like they all think I know what I’m doing. Evidently the “clueless” sign on my head isn’t as big as I thought. I’m now thoroughly convinced that adulthood is just everyone pretending they have a clue in life when they really don’t, and discovering that you have to actually spend money on things. Like clothes…. I’m slowly working on that. It’s been a struggle.

Oh, and even though I’m now full-time, that really only means until about the end of the year, when everyone’s jobs are called into question. This group may not exist past December. Goody. I mean, that’s fine for me, I’m not sure I’d want to stay longer than that anyway, but some of these people have been here for years and are supporting families. And the job market right now? Yeah, it sucks. Well, for my industry anyway.

Which leads to my next topic: starting my own business.

That’s a scary sentence. Let’s clarify that.

I am going to start my own website and freelance business. I’ve found my topic, and literally no one else has anything like it. I’ve checked. Many times. So, I’d be alone, which is fabulous for business but means little in the way of reference. I’ve been doing a lot of research, and have discovered that I’m going to drown in the first few months, so that’s exciting. Here’s a list of things I need to have ready before starting anything.

  • company/website name
  • URL
  • At least 25 posts (some people recommend 100) ready to go
  • Samples of my work
  • Pricing (per project vs per hour is a fun discussion)
  • Some sort of special thing for people who subscribe
  • A legal statement for affiliate links
  • Some sort of contract for clients so I don’t get shafted
  • Pinterest-ready pictures
  • An ice pack

And that’s just a basic run-down. I know I need to choose a URL fast and just purchase that so I have it. The goal is to be self-employed at some point. Work from home, set my own hours, no anxiety about stupid projects and people who act like they’re in Junior High. It’ll take a while, so I want to get started while I still have a job so I can build it up to that point.

In the meantime, I’ve spent the last 6 weeks arguing with an arrogant professor about letting me take an online math class to count for my gen-ed. Because my University is stupid. He FINALLY said yes the other day. So now I have to fill out a course petition with him, he signs it, the dean signs it, then I take the class, pass with a “Cs get Degrees” motto (thanks cousin!), and finally get my gosh darn degree!

I’ve done really well lately with anxiety attacks. I haven’t had one since my major mental break with the math class I had originally tried taking in January when my parents had to actually come home from Wednesday night church because I was getting ill from it. I’m fully prepared for this math class to take that all away. But oh well. It’s gotta be done.

About that major attack though. So, our previous wonder-mutt, Max, was amazing. He was Black Lab/Great Dane/Blue Tick Coonhound. He defined loyal. If one of us was sick or hurt, he was there to cuddle and squish and lick and comfort. Now we have the Lab/Spaniel pile of uselessness that is Georgia. When Aiden got his appendix out over the summer, she was SUUUUUUUPER gentle. Babied him like her pup, laid her head ever so gently on his chest to be near him and check up on him. Me? I’m falling apart and she runs and gets every toy and knocks me down and smacks me with her tail. So, unless we have major surgery, any and every change in emotion is a cue for play. Useless companion. I was very spoiled with Max, I know, but I don’t think asking her to sit there for a minute was too much. Evidently I was wrong. Stupid mutt.

There was one other thing that came out of that whole shenanigans: my parents told me to skip Wednesday services. I about fell on the floor. Again. I haven’t been learning things, we work on the bulletin (which Mom is pretty much doing again), and it defeats the purpose. Wednesday nights are supposed to serve as a mid-week pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the week. It got to the point where they just stressed me out and made me tired, which is the exact opposite of helpful. He’s covering a topic for the 3rd time in as many years, and it’s taken him a year to get to chapter 8, so I’m really not even paying much attention when I do go. So, until I feel up to it again (read: until I’m no longer ready for bed at 9:30 and can actually function like a normal human), I’m not going. I know, I’m a heathen. What’cha gonna do about it?

Singles Awareness Day was yesterday, which means the much more important Cheap Chocolate and Flowers Day arrived today! Phoebe has partaken of the flowers, I’m not sure I’ll leave the house for the chocolate this evening. Our poor singles group is getting smaller and smaller. Our latest weird member who refuses to remove headphones ever scared off another new person. Two more are engaged as of Christmas. Meanwhile the rest of us are sitting there wondering how high the tree is that our fellas got stuck in and whether or not we’ll need a ladder. Actually, I’m not sure I’d know what to do with a boyfriend at this point. Feed him and stick him in a corner probably. Hug him once in a while. Hard to say. As Phoebe pointed out recently, it’s not that we necessarily need boyfriends, but it would be nice to know that we aren’t cursed or diseased. I was trying to comfort her on her to-date lack of real interest in a guy ever, but it didn’t really work because I get it. And the apparent lack of interest in us. Unfortunately, the other side of that is that even if some guy was interested in us, we usually have no idea ever or at least for a few years until a friend is like “oh yeah, didn’t you know? He had a huge crush on you that year.” Helpful. Thanks. Pickins is mighty slim these days. Our group has always been short on guys, but it’s gotten down to 2. 1 of whom we’ve all said “Absolutely Not” to. I don’t count the weirdo who told one girl she was wife material.

Funny observation time: I used to say I wanted to be married at 24. Now I’m looking at this year saying, “Ehh, maybe not just yet. I’m good.”

Someone is reading this thinking “Don’t worry dear, the right one will come along in due time.” I know. Trust me. I’m really not that worried. But I try to be honest about my thought process here, and that’s the thought process these past couple months. Also, he may not come along. Not everyone gets married. I would like to, but not everyone does. I’ve heard the sermons and speeches and encouraging phrases. I get it. Let me complain. Don’t kick the horse.

So, that’s life currently. I’m actually getting some savings built up while making payments on my loan. I’m not like hammering away at those, but I like the security of having a savings account again. The Lower Peninsula of our lovely state is experiencing a warm winter with little snow. Meanwhile, Fay has snow taller than me in the Upper Peninsula. She can keep it.

Now, I’m going to pretend I have things to do until I can go home and be a potato. It’s one of my major skills. TTFN.