I know, it’s been ages. I actually had a couple posts near-completion, but I never actually touched them once I got home, so they never made it up. Sorry, folks. Unfortunately, I spend my whole work day on the computer, so I struggle pulling mine out at home (even when I need to). Actually, I’m working on a series about my trip to Europe, but again, I rarely do this at home, so I don’t have all the information, so it’s not moving quickly. But, I’ll give you all a quick update on life and the trainwreck that is me. Why are you all still here?
Christmas was great. Aiden got strep which pushed his wisdom teeth removal to after the holidays. He was okay with that. His first question post-op for mom: Was I a good boy? Yep. That’s nothing compared to the appendix, but it’s pretty much par for the course with him.

We had the Morryces over for New Years and played games and ate food and made bad jokes. So, business as usual for us. We tend to alternate New Years with our families. One year we all stay home, the next we go to one of our houses, then we stay home a year, then we go to the other family’s house. It works. It was entirely unintentional, but it worked out that way for us. 

This January is the most Monday-ish month ever. Seriously. Every week, we’re all saying “What the heck??!?!?!” There have been multiple days of looking at the clock, working for 2 hours, looking back at the clock, and discovering it’s only been 5 minutes. For reals. I’m still at my temp job. I still don’t know how long for. And this is the long part so bear with me. 

When I started this job, there were supposed to be 10 of us for 4 months. 5 of us were brought in first. Of that group, only 2 of us are left, with one person “on call.” They never hired the last 5 because we did all the work the company had for us, plus the work for the other 5 people for a month in… 2 weeks? They were scrambling to find us work. This job was supposed to be until the website launched, then they didn’t need us anymore. Well, they moved the launch date back. Till next fall. So… where does that leave us?
Well, that’s exactly what I asked my boss. I’ve never had a nice enough boss to feel comfortable enough to actually talk to him about my concerns before, but I had big concerns when they announced this shift, and he’s super nice so I finally did something I never have before: I asked for some actual information, along with a raise. Yep. I thought I was gonna die. 

He was super nice though. I explained that when we first started, our pay was determined based on the 10-people-for-4-months thing, but now there were 2 of us potentially for a whole year. He completely agreed with me. He didn’t know when we would be working till at that point and was still waiting to hear from higher-ups, but he said he’d know more by Christmas-ish time, and he would definitely be trying to get us a pay that was commensurate with what they were asking of us. 

Last week, the other woman from our initial group and I each had meetings with the boss and the project supervisor. This coworker and I get along fantastically, but that’s beside the point. She finished her meeting and then pulled me aside. It was weird. Our boss couldn’t guarantee how long we’d be staying, he didn’t really seem to even know how long this team would be together after this year, if at all. They’re doing some restructuring of people and positions. He wanted to know what she liked and what she would potentially like to do. So it was weird. My meeting was scheduled for the next day, but we had tons of ice so it got moved to Friday. 

It was weird. But, they both said I was doing a great job, he said he was looking at having our pay raised as soon as he could get firm times for how long we could stay, but he still didn’t know that info either. At one point after I talked about my interest/skill with document design, she brought up coordinator positions and how do I feel about that. I responded intelligently with something like “uhhhhhh… fine.” I actually did say more than that, but I don’t remember exactly and she caught me off guard, so that was my opening response. After, she caught up with me and assured me that she’s not letting me go anywhere, and to plan on sticking around for a while. 

So then I had to be careful what I said to my lovely coworker because I’m fairly certain they didn’t discuss all that with her. Oi. Adulting is hard. We also recently had someone get…. I think fired. It was all sorts of weird and it was one of those situations where everyone was surprised but not surprised at the same time. They’re trying to fill that position internally. No, I’m not trying for it. I have no desire to touch it. Mom heard the job description and joked that he wasn’t fired, he was moved to the mouse wheel in the basement. It’s like Administrative Assistant on Steroids. The woman who fills in immediately made public that she did not want the job full time. Good luck on filling that position.
Also, they’re going to be bringing in a bunch more temps. Why? Well because this company was bought by another company. Rather than rebranding when we offered to rebrand, they said “no, no, we don’t need to do that yet.” But now we do. So why am I still formatting the old company name at every instance? I. Don’t. Know. And neither does my supervisor. 

So, long story short, my employment could end any time between this month and the end of the year. Whoopee. 

In other news, I signed up for a stats class, had the worst anxiety attack of my life trying to figure out the first assignment, and dropped the class. Now I’m trying to figure out something else. I need one flipping credit. One. I’m not going to get into this though, because, needless to say my anxiety has not been fantastic lately, so I’m just not touching it right now. 
Aside from all that? Life’s been pretty dull. I socialized 3 days in a row (Huzzah!) this weekend. One day with Phoebe, the next with my friend from school, and then with the whole gang on Monday at Bible Study. 3 days in a row is like 3 days more than I’ve done in months. Be proud. Or be like Jo who laughed at me. 

Also, I’ve stepped back from the bulletin now that things are situated, and have been tasked with the weekly prayer letter. Joy. We’re trying to take it from a legal-size page to a letter-size, much the same as I did with the bulletin. I’m still trying to work out all the logistics of it. The woman who does it every week had some ideas that she wanted to implement, but they weren’t all run by Bro. Matt first, so he seemed confused when I voiced my concerns with him. As whenever I do design stuff for him, he said to finish what I’ve got and send him a copy to mull over. She actually asked me to do this a few weeks ago, but I procrastinated and had other things on my mind, so now I’m finally getting to it. My biggest problem right now is that Adobe doesn’t export to MS Word. And doing the whole InDesign > PDF > Word thing caused glitches. Now I get to rebuild it on a computer that Microsoft actually works on. Yay me. 

I still have half a resume built as well. I keep forgetting things and then when I go to re-add them it messes up the layout and I have to reconfigure everything for the 2,782nd time. It’s tedious. But at least I don’t need it as soon as originally planned. Probably. Hopefully because there’s nothing in my field in my area….

Well…. that’s pretty much it for this long, rambling update. Your patience is noted and appreciated. 


Update: I just found out we can make the featured image a gif!!! This is amazing!!