November is finally here, and with it comes NaNoWriMo, Thanksgiving, my friend’s *kinda* unexpected wedding (SQUEAL!), the election (Bleh), and a lot of….well, insert strong word of choice here blah.

Let’s start with the wedding news. Our friend Nicole, who has been dating Alex for quite some time now (second go-around), announced their engagement last week! I’m soooooo beyond excited for her. I won’t be at the wedding because they’re doing a tiny, family-only sort of deal, but they’re having an open house reception the following week and I’m stoked. Freaky INFJ confession: I saw this coming about 2.5 months ago or better. I legit looked at her one day and mentally said, “Yep, she’s getting married very soon.” I knew from other conversations with her that she wouldn’t have been opposed to that tvibeshe first time they were dating, but it just wasn’t working out. So this time, with no preamble, I somehow just knew a couple months ago. Why was this one day different than the hundred before? Dunno. Just a vibe.* This also happened with people’s pregnancies in the past. Anyway, the wedding is this week, the reception the following, and it’s kinda weird and amazing.

Less exciting news! This is the part of the update I should have done a couple weeks ago. I went to the doctor, and, as with everyone else I’ve told, she was about 0.00001% surprised I was struggling with anxiety (I should also mention that this new doctor is the mother of a friend I grew up with, so she knows me). She gave me a low-dosage medicine (like the lowest you can possibly get without being a placebo), and prescribed Yoga and Chai tea. Neither of the last two have been used yet. However, the medicine has been working great. No anxiety attacks since. Unfortunately, today I woke up with 2.5 side effects: rapid heartbeat and breathlessness. Oi. Then, because of that craziness, every movement made me feel like I’d just run a 5k. It’s starting to get better, but I had to call in sick to work. Lovely.

Speaking of work, I decorated! No, you do not get pictures! Sorry, but it’s a rule that we don’t use cameras on site. I did, but only of my cubicle and only for Mom and Phoebe. I used Washi tape to decorate my filing cabinet/closet and overhead shelf thingy. I found a magnet plant to put up, which has gotten happy comments. I used jewelry string and tiny clothespins to hang pictures, and I found pushpins that match my color scheme, which is navy, gold, and mint. People seem to like it so far. I was a bit worried that someone would ask me to remove the decorations on the cabinet, but they’re temporary so I would have fought that anyway.

I also got a different chair because the other one was actually hurting me. My co-worker found one that was a bit gentler (and softer, like seriously I was sitting on a padded rock), and I fiiiiiiiinally found a pillow for it over the weekend. And more fun news from work: I worked myself out of a job again and got sent home early Friday. *Sigh*.

As for NaNoWriMo, I have about 1,000 words so far… It’s pathetic. I was super ready for it until about 4 days before it started, then I just felt indifferent. Thus my current situation. odns-memeI also may have to think of a new name for my main character, because I used the name of someone I used to know and it’s kinda throwing off my groove, which I didn’t think it would. I need to get moving. Once I know what I’m typing, I can type at over 90wpm on a good day, around 80wpm on a slow one. I actually got paid to write some of those at work, but then got distracted with a problem that needed some research (which is my normal vice). I have a lot of excuses, none of them good. Suffice it to say I’ll need to do more than the recommended words per day number to make up for the failed first 7 days.

What is my story about? Well, I’m not divulging that information. Sorry. I know too much about internet theft to do that. However, I will tell you that it involves magical creatures because I’m retrying my hand at fantasy writing. It’s not my best writing genre, but it’s my favorite, so I’m doing it. Wish me luck.

And motivation.

For everything really.

I promise the next post will have a point.

*Image to the left is from Warehouse 13. If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely should. It’s amazing. Claudia rocks (also the origin of my blog name), and I relate to Pete on a spiritual level.