I’m going to call the vitamin treatment a success. Last night was a near-miss thing, but as soon as I realized the real source of my problem, it went away. Honestly, I haven’t had any real panic attacks or even close  calls since taking the vitamins/minerals. My anxiety is much better even considering my could-have-been worry which is…. (drumroll please)…

I start my new temp job on Monday! Yayyyy. This Acme company is officially the most unprofessional company ever. I had to email them to ask if I still start on Monday, when I start on Monday, and where I start! I would’ve shown up at the wrong building at the wrong time because they simply didn’t tell me anything I needed to know. Grrrrr.

In other news, I finally got my new phone! I’m ridiculously excited. Also, I just ordered the screen protectors and the case, which is identical to the one for my old phone. That case has been claimed by my mom because she liked it so much. Hers was Rivendell, but the best picture we could find was really pale. Mine is a custom Captain America Shield case from Case-Mate. It has gotten 1 crack in the 4 years I’ve had it. I’ve dropped it on cement, wood, brick, everything. And I get tons of compliments on it. It’s the only device case I haven’t wanted to trade out for something new after a few months. So, I got a new one just like it. It’s me.

The weird thing about it is that my new phone has my id programmed under settings, mine when I plug it into my computer, and my mom’s id when I go to the app store. It’s frustrating. I’ll have to figure that out pretty soon.

I’ve also caught a cold and decided on a NaNoWriMo story all in one week. I like to do things all at once, apparently. Hopefully the cold goes away at least mostly by Monday. Actually, I have to work Nursery on Sunday… Uh oh.

As for NaNoWriMo, Phoebe has been helping me try to figure out what all needs to happen before the writing, which helps keep me interested in the story until I can actually write in November. So far, I’m mostly stumped on names. For the King and Prince of the one country, I wanted names like Tolkien uses, because they are very typical of that type of culture. So names like “Aragorn son of Arathorn” and “Theodred son of Theoden.” It’s incredibly difficult to find one such pair that he didn’t use in his many lineages that also doesn’t sound ridiculous. I don’t care so much about the father, but I’d like the son to have a decent name. Also, for the other kingdom, I need a name for a guardian-type girl. I’m thinking that country will have a Gaelic-type culture and names. Originally I was thinking Celtic, but it’s rather cliche and difficult. Most people think that “Celtic” means “Irish,” but that’s not true. Celtic people were a sort of strip covering parts of Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Britain. So, it’s more complicated than most people give it credit for.

Anywhoo, I didn’t do NaNo last year because I was taking 5 classes and doing an internship. I tried, I failed. This year, I’m determined to do at least a bit. While I’m working at my new job.

That’s what I forgot: My school finally transferred my credits for Math, and told me I still have to take another class. I have many, many unkind and un-Christian words for them. This means I will be taking a class next semester. That also means my diploma/degree is for May 2017 instead of 2016. Oh well, I needed a break this semester anyway. FAFSA is giving me enough to take a full load if I wanted to, but I need to work. The math class is online, so I can still work full-time provided I get a job.

Full circle here. I’m sick, so forgive the circling and rabbit trails.

Sorry for the rambling, but I promised to update. Now, I’m gonna watch the Office and basically stop existing. Tomorrow, provided I’m human, I will go shoe shopping and do the church bulletin.