Warning: this one rambles. I’m tired.

Last post I had mentioned starting an intake of Magnesium and Vitamin B and Iron to help with my anxiety. I started by taking Magnesium and Vitamin B at night before bed. Honestly, I know it’s too soon to say, but I think I felt effects of this after the first dose. I had taken the pills the night before, and slept fabulously because of the magnesium. Later that day I had a moment of near-panic. I pushed it back, which normally feels like swallowing a small chicken and keeping the lump in my throat. It’s like putting a cork on a carbonized bottle and each suppression was shaking the bottle a bit more. This time, I was fine. And I haven’t had any problems so far. It’s only been a couple days, but I’ve had stressful situations since then and no problems. Today I switched from B to a multivitamin to get the iron as well. I’ll keep this updated as I go, but so far, I’m optimistic.

In vehicle news, my dad’s boss (dad works in the auto industry to some extent, all the men who work there know cars) said he’d heard that Fiats were unreliable and he wouldn’t recommend them. Some research proved that was true for the 2012 model, which I had been looking at, but not the 2013 which I had made an appointment to look at. However, it did show that most Fiat 500s require Premium gas. So while they get 30mpg city, I’d be spending way more on gas each fill up. Mom and Dad said I should look at other vehicles. I’m kinda rather bummed.

Today we went to go look at a car today. I can’t remember the type it was. It was a scam. The idiot didn’t know what a key-fob was, and didn’t have one. He had one, simple key for the car, which is a big flag for an auction car. Dad noticed it had been repainted. It reeked of cigarettes and Mom found tons of cigarette burns in the back seat. The breaks were shot. It was just terrible. We drove it about .2 miles to be nice, then went back. He was charging $6995 for the car, and absolutely scamming people. Nope.

One of the men at church works at an auto dealer and told Mom he’d get us a really good deal and help us out. We drove by his lot after the scam car to look around. They actually had some decent cars. I decided I absolutely hate the smell of the soap they use at those dealerships. Also, the Taurus is not a vehicle I will ever own. We prefer Ford over GM usually, but the Taurus was like sitting in a plane cockpit. It was pretty comical. Some guy came out to talk to us, and we said we were working with our friend (not today, but in general) and he still gave us his card. Seriously dude? But we did decide we want to test a couple of them.

Maybe I’ll do that Monday since we don’t have Bible Study….

I’m terrible. We don’t have Bible Study because we have a musical evangelist visiting. I don’t mind one night, but they do 4 days straight and it’s not my style. I don’t enjoy it, and admit right now that I will not be attending. Tomorrow, yes. But 4 days of that is just far too much to ask. I have a life (well, let me pretend), and Mom and I both think it’s kind of selfish for people to expect us to show up 4 days in a row like we don’t have lives or things to do. You don’t know my life, stop saying what I can and can’t make time for. I’m already there 3 times a week anyway, don’t need to make it 5. Love my church, hate that aspect of it.

And you can’t tell the extroverted pastor that being around people too many days in a row is spiritually painful. He thinks it means you need some quality time with God and his people. Nope. That’s the exact opposite of what I need. I need quality time without humans. He doesn’t understand that it’s not a sin to be tired of people. And if I am, it’s not gonna make me any more “spiritual” to sit around a few hundred of them when I’m unable to handle it.

End rant.

I promise, I do love my church. I just get frustrated.

On a happier note, I ordered a new phone today! My iPhone 6s was ordered today, arrives Tuesday, and I will hopefully activate it then! I’m super excited. I’m currently using an iPhone 4. Not a 4s. A 4. The battery lasts… well, it doesn’t. A full charge only gets me a couple hours at most. It stopped updating OS about… 2 years ago. It periodically deletes contacts. Evidently it thinks I don’t need to call Grandma. So finally, I’m getting a new phone! This is exciting, folks.

Ok, I’m done rambling. I’m off to go work some more on my story idea that I may or may not use for NaNoWriMo. Happy Phoebe? You should be proud. I’m planning this time. It appears we switched roles this year. I’m solidly a pantser, this year I might have a plot…and characters…and inciting incidents. This is also exciting.

For your patience, here’s a photo of a hedgehog: funny-cute-animal-pics-part119-10-w630