So, today is day 4 of dog sitting. Turns out, my aunt’s dog is spoiled to the point where I’m not his biggest fan anymore. The dog she was nervous about is actually a complete sweetheart. My aunt has a tendency to spoil her dogs. He gets treats every time he goes outside. He will sit and cry until you give him a treat, and they do. He sleeps with them occasionally, but that’s not happening with me. They made the other dog (le
t’s call my aunt’s dog W, and the other dog K), K, sound like a nightmare. He’s super sweet. He likes to cuddle, though he does eat human food (chicken for every meal, like any dog would touch the kibble with that there), and he’s so fluffy!

I gave them flak for K, because pictures of Pomeranians just look kinda ugly to me. But he’s so cute! He spins in circles every time he’s excited, and his hair is longer than mine. He’s pretty adorable.

In other news, I had to close the front door, despite it being W’s favorite thing to lay and stare out the screen door. He barks at EVERYTHING. Door closed.

Nina came Friday evening, and we had dinner, watched movies, and went to bed. Yesterday we slept in, then watched tv, got ready, and went to the huuuuge mall nearby. Three stories tall, with a walkway over the road to the second part. Apparently, we picked the more expensive of the TWO MALLS within 5 minutes from here. What. It was fun though. She got a fun hat, a mask for Halloween and.. cuz she’s Nina, and some jewelry, I believe. I got… crappy Chinese food* and a fabulous t-shirt.

Two things about Forever 21.
1.) “Opening Price” and “Starting Price” do NOT mean the same thing, fools! Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
2.) They have John 3:16 on their shopping bags, which is kinda cool.

Moving on.

Nina and I spent the rest of the day watching movies, doing a puzzle while pretending to watch Big Hero 6, finding our Patronuses** on Pottermore, and cuddling fluffy puppies. I call Girl’s Weekend a success. I took her home today, stopped in at my house to visit and use the restroom, and grab my hairdryer before heading back here again. K & W were incredibly happy to see me and go outside.

And get treats for eating dinner and going outside.

I have low tolerance for ill-behaved dogs. This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve trained dogs before, including our abused, neurotic Georgia. It’s not that hard. Treat the dog like a dog, dang it.

So, what’s on the docket for the rest of the weekend? I’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress & Fixer Upper. I ate a not-so-fabulous pot pie for dinner. I plan to eat an ice-cream sandwich and popcorn later. Yep. Living wild.

Oh! Yes. One more thing.

Party tomorrow! I spent a chunk of time texting people to see who (if anyone) was actually going to show up tomorrow evening. So far we have about….15(?) people slated to enjoy our 60* bonfire and games tomorrow. Why are people so terribly rude about RSVP? Seriously, if you’re invited to something, tell people whether you’re coming or not! I shouldn’t have to say “Please let us know for head count purposes” every time we do something. They’re all adults. It’s rude. Respond. If you’re not sure, say something along those lines.

End rant.

Tomorrow involves getting ready to go here, take care of the dogs, and leave around noon to go home. Praise God the rain forecast has moved so the rain should be done by 11 or 12. Initially, the weather forecast had rain predicted for right when we wanted people over. That wouldn’t have been happy. So it will be chilly tomorrow, but hopefully dry. Yay!

Time for ice-cream.


*I’m sorry, I know the woman working there was Chinese, but if you work in a place that serves people who only speak English, you should know English! Enough to know the difference between the words “two” and “six.” I wasn’t prepared to pay for 6.

**By finding our Patronuses, I mean I took the quiz and got a stupid cat. I then deleted that account and did it again and with other emails because I’d get a decent patronus, and then get sorted into Hufflepuff when I’m normally Slytherin or something else. Finally got one that we both agreed was accurate: Ravenclaw with an Elephant patronus. Keeping that one.