Where am I? About 2 hours from home at my aunt’s house dog-sitting for her and her sister-in-law. This aunt is my mom’s next oldest sibling (Mom’s the youngest of 5 kids), and she and my uncle are my favorite aunt and uncle. Which maybe wasn’t a complete challenge, but it’s true. My uncle never grew up, and has always valued what we kids were doing with our lives, what we thought, what we watched, etc. Most of my relatives aren’t like that. My aunt is basically Martha Stewart: she makes crafts for people, works at a preschool, plans parties, organized our kitchen, you get the idea. Their three boys are my closest cousins, the youngest being only a year older than me.

Anyway, I’m watching their Dachshund, who looks like the footstool from Beauty and the Beast. I’m not kidding. He had surgery recently to remove two tumors, which greatly decreased his girth, and also went on a diet and lost 2.2lbs so far. Big deal for someone that small. The other dog I will be watching, when he gets here, is a Pomeranian. Someone got that on purpose. I don’t entirely understand that, but I’m a big dog person, in case you didn’t know.*

So it’s me, two tiny dogs (which actually make better guard dogs than big dogs), and a house in a fancy neighborhood. Tomorrow, Aiden is bringing Nina down for a girl’s weekend. She needed a break from caring for their grandma, and Aiden was already going to come down. Now, he’ll just be going back home the same day instead of two days later. we have free movie passes, an awesome mall nearby, Netflix, and I got paid in advance, so it should be fun.

Downside of all this: Mom’s prepping for the party on her own. I’ll be leaving around noon on Monday to help, but still. Bummers.

Related but still disappointing news. My grandma finally told my mom about how much money she’s giving me for a car, and it’s the exact amount of the car I’ve been drooling over. Which is really close to this house I’m in. If I was staying longer, Mom and I would have had Dad or my uncle come with me to test drive it, mostly so I know it doesn’t hurt my back. So that’s not going to happen right now, but I’m dying to get this car. The only thing that would make it better is if it were my preferred light green instead of red, but I’m not gonna argue with a candy-apple red car. Like, ever. Plus, who ever offers full price? So it’d be perfect.

Other related news to the dog discussion earlier: I might be getting a puppy! My friend has a friend who had something change with her housing situation so she can’t keep her….. drumroll please!….. Great Dane Puppy!!!! I’m super stoked, but it’s an iffy thing. The owner has a potential new family in New York, so if it doesn’t work out with that family’s dogs, then they’ll contact me. Annnnndddd we’ll see if she gets along with Georgia. Yep, she. That’s a problem. Georgia doesn’t really like female dogs, and she has to be the dominant dog. The puppy is 6 months old. So we’re hoping that since it’s a puppy, she’ll be ok with it being a girl. And no Great Dane ever has wanted to be the dominant dog, so that’s covered. Mom said if I help with the food costs, the dog is mine…. provided I actually get the dog….So, YAY!

Now, for the new stuff.

So in a previous post, I mentioned that I got a new temp job. This has been a greater hassle than it ever should have been, but that’s not the point. Nicole recently mentioned that her boss had been carrying around my resume with the intent of calling me in for a job with them. Nicole is still irritated about the guy who got the design job instead of me, and agreed to pester him about it because he never did, but I would love the opportunity for a permanent job there. And it would be fun to work with friends, and I have 3 there. Shortly following that, I received a call to set up a time for a phone interview with a publishing company in Florida.

59576e2583f959879f0445570f1e9ee4Now I start a pro/con list in true Rory Gilmore fashion. I don’t even have either of these jobs yet. But here goes.

Michigan job pros:
1.) close to home/friends/church
2.) could live with family while I pay off loans and get my 3.) finances settled
4.) full-time
5.) work with friends

1.) low pay
2.) not a ton of room for growth

Florida job pros:
1.) full-time
2.) pays well
3.) Copy Editor title, which is kinda big

1.) Reviews speak of nepotism in company
2.) Far from homeanxiety

That’s what has been going through my head so far. I don’t have either of these jobs. And as I’ve mentioned before, this year I suddenly have been struggling with major anxiety. This means that every single decision I have to make results in hyperventilating and uncontrollable crying. I don’t like this new chapter in my life and health so far, and I would very much appreciate it going away. Yesterday.

Anyway, prayers appreciated as I navigate new jobs, this weekend, and… evidently my brain. Toodles.

*Our previous dog, Max, (yes, creative name, we were little) was supposed to be a Lab/Beagle mix. Instead, he was Lab/Great Dane/Blue-tick mix. Yep. You read that right. Georgia is a Lab/Spaniel mix, and we consider her small. Big dogs are better.