So, this is sort of what I had intended to post last time, but never got around to it because I was pressed for time and distracted.

We are finally regaining a semblance of normality around here. I mean, the new home has felt like home since day one, but now we’re getting settled in and unpacked. We purchased a vintage table and chairs set, kinda 50s style for the sunroom, and Mom wants to paint that room the same color as my bedroom. We slid Aiden’s old dresser into the downstairs bathroom, another piece of furniture we also intend to paint soon. We still haven’t finished painting the stairwell, but we have pretty much gotten the rest of the painting done, minus mom’s room because we don’t have paint for it.

I also finally found some baskets for the shelves in my closet that didn’t cost $24 a piece. We discovered that you can purchase the baskets that go on roller racks for closet organizers at the hardware store for $8. They were the perfect size. I considered spray painting them, but who’s got the time? So now, most of my clothes are in my closet, and there’s a sort of semblance of organization, with one notable exception…

My jewelry.

For a long time, I had been using a bird cage (not real, but one from a craft store that’s all pretty and vintage looking), with wire strung across the top to hang my necklaces. The earrings hung on the little cross pieces between the bars of the cage. This worked really well and looked pretty until I discovered one major downfall: it tarnished my jewelry. Like, bad. So I spent a large bit of time trying to clean it, and then quickly realized I needed a new method for hanging necklaces.

This was brought to a head when I tried to get a necklace for church, and brought up a massive ball of tangled chains and charms and strings and earrings and bracelets. I had packed all my jewelry into one box for moving, and this was the result. After searching Pinterest for a while, I discovered this really simple necklace-hanging idea that was really simple to make, and I actually have a place to hang it. Once I get it put up, I’ll post a quick how-to with the pictures and final result. Dad’s gotta help me do that part. But I think it will work. And I spent a good half hour or so trying to untangle my necklaces, only to have them get a bit tangled again when I tried to set them aside for the evening.

Otherwise, we’re pretty settled in. The basement is still filled with boxes, as is the garage, but the rest of the house is basically unpacked and somewhat decorated. We’re still working on hanging pictures, and I have to figure out a place to put my one portrait in my room so it doesn’t stare at me all the time (did a portrait of Loki for art class). I may have put a bit too much effort into the eyes on that one. Phoebe knows what I’m talking about. In my old room, it hung so the portrait faced the door. Now, almost anywhere I hang it, it faces my bed. Or rather, he faces my bed.  I’m not ok with that. I mean, I’m very proud of it, but I don’t need to look up in the middle of the night to having Loki staring at me. I’ve had multiple comments about how the eyes follow you like one of those haunted-house portraits.

I’ll have to make an art wall.

So why do you care that we’re getting moved in?

Well, for the first time since I can remember, Mom decided she wants to host a party of sorts. I seriously can’t remember her ever volunteering for that before. But with the new house being closer to our friends, and with us now having the property to hold a group of people, she decided she wanted to have my College & Career group over. She suggested just having a Bible Study here, but we all decided we could use an event that didn’t revolve around a Bible Study. How dare we. But we’re in church 4 times a week, we deserve a break sometimes (last night Bro. Matt rewarded us for being good “adults” by shortening the study so Phoebe and I could get ice-cream for everyone.) Since we don’t have Bible Study next week, we decided to do it then.

Yep. We’re having a party. Of sorts.

Basically, that means we’re inviting the group over for campfire, cookout, volleyball, and fellowship. Getting the word out is a bit trickier. We can’t post it in our group on Facebook because we have someone in our group who would see, and I don’t want them knowing where I live. That sounds petty, so let me explain.

There is a man in our group who has some….. different challenges. He’s got some mental disabilities, compounded by what my mom refers to as chemo-brain. This would be fine, but he is well aware of his inappropriate behavior, and uses his disability as an excuse for being rude, pushy, and intentionally inappropriate. For a while, I considered him harmless, but then I had an encounter that proved otherwise. I told him to stop pestering Fay and Laura, Fay’s friend and someone he had been stalking, much to her horror. Instead of just accepting that they didn’t want to be pestered, he then started belligerently asking me why he couldn’t talk to them.

“Well why? Why can’t I talk to them? Is there something wrong with me talking to them? I’m just trying to talk to them. Why can’t I talk to them?”

He made a huge scene which taught us all one thing: he won’t take “no” for an answer. That’s what makes him dangerous. Because if he won’t take “no” for an answer in little things, he sure as heck won’t take it for an answer with bigger things. Last night, Colin’s friend, John, was talking about how, while annoying, the man wasn’t harmful. And I had to remind him, rather unsuccessfully, that he is completely aware of his actions (he does this lovely thing of looking around to see who pays attention to him while he misbehaves), and not accepting “no” makes him very dangerous to us girls. (Add to it that he tried to force me to hug him during greeting time once because I hugged other people. He almost died; I was surrounded by men who were suddenly in a shoot-first, ask questions later frame of mind. Phoebe’s brother, Eliot, stepped in and made him disappear. I had forgotten that incident until this new one.)

So, sometimes, we try to plan events without him finding out, because last time he brought a friend with him who then joined the church and made so many women feel threatened, that Bro. Matt called him into his office to formally warn him that if it continued, he’d be invited to leave. So, now we have two problems. Though the second one vastly improved after the reprimand, we all still avoid him.

But that doesn’t negate the first problem. And he makes a huge scene at every event, simply for attention.

So, because I’m an adult and I can make decisions like that, he’s not invited. Sorry, not sorry. Instead, we’re working by word of mouth and texts. Show everyone the new house, play some games, eat food, and enjoy a night of fun and fellowship without any studying of anything.

The other problem I realized last night: I’m going to be gone all weekend, so I can’t help Mom get ready. Slight snag.

Oh well, we’ll figure it out.

So that’s the update for now: organizing, settling in, painting, and party-planning. Oy.