Update on last post: So, the dog didn’t get me killed, amazingly. It was actually my phone muffled under my blankets upstairs when my parents tried to call me because it was Noah’s Flood outside and they wanted me to unlock the door. Oops.

Moving on.

I got a job! Kinda! It is a job, it pays more than my last one, actually, full-time for….(drumroll please)….4 months!!!


It’s for a huge company, but it really doesn’t have potential to turn into anything permanent. It’s a “do it and done” sort of deal. (It’s actually for the same company that I would have been contracted for at the last job I wanted. So the contracting company didn’t pick me to work for Big Time Company, but Big Time Company chose me to work for them. Hmm.) But I do have the option for overtime if I want it. I’d have to be there at 7am for it, but it’s overtime. It is content migration basically, moving the old info to the new website because they haven’t updated it in over 5 years. Ouch. But it’s sorta what I was looking for with the editing part. It’s money, I’ll pay off loans, and keep looking for a real job that preferably pays me enough to survive and pay off loans.

On that same train of thought, I did have a phone interview with a company I don’t remember applying for in a location I don’t want to live. The lady interviewing me was in California, interviewing me for a job in Denver that she knew nothing about. She just kept chanting “Not a creative position!” at me. And got really rude when I didn’t remember applying for anything in Denver because A) I have no family/friends/acquaintances there to help me out if needed and B) I don’t really like mountains or desert. Also, when I asked her about the typical workday, she had no idea. Seriously, if you want me for Denver, have someone from Denver talk to me, ya maroons!*

Shockingly, they emailed me wanting a second phone interview. For the day after I got the email. I said I had another job. Which I did, taking care of my aunt’s dog and her mother-in-law’s dog while they’re at the beach for a weekend. Couple hundred bucks there. Still better than Denver.

To clarify the “I don’t like mountains” thing, it’s not that I don’t like looking at them. It’s that once I’ve looked, I’m ready to be done looking at them. I’m a beach sort of person. Don’t get me wrong, I love some beautiful mountains covered in trees like when we were in the UK or Wales or Ireland, but that’s not what those are.

In addition, I may be applying to jobs out of state, but 8 hours from here gets me pretty well into the New England area. 8 hours toward Denver gets me….. a field. My nearest help would be Arizona. Not ok with that. Can anyone say Christmas? Also, even though Florida is far, I have friends and family down there, so it’s not a big deal. I mean, if it were Seattle they had called about, I would have jumped because I’ve always wanted to visit or live there. But I have no desire to live in Colorado. Visit, yes, then buh-bye.

Mom and I did some math. With my internships, freelance job, and classes, I have about 4 years of editing experience. Plus what I do for our church. And no one will call me. It’s beyonnnnnnnd frustrating.

Oh! I finally scheduled my math exam! For Saturday! I’m ridiculous, but I was psyching myself out, and I only missed by one point last time, so I’m just going for it. Pray for me. Like, a lot.

Since I now have a job, my grandma is pestering me about a car. But I kinda have my hopes set on a Fiat 500 (providing my back can take it), and those are a little more than I’m comfortable having her pay for. And most of my money will be going into my emergency fund, then my loans (interest on school loans, anyone?), and finally to a car or other things I’ve been needing (shoes….). So… I would need like 3k to add to what we think she’s giving me for it. And I say think because she won’t just give me a number. Mom said I should consider just letting her buy me a car, then sell it and buy what I want later on, but there’s really not much worth looking at right now.

So, that’s my long rambling update. I now have to go work on the church bulletin. Again. I’ve gotten myself a ministry, by golly.


*Boy Meets World, people. C’mon!