Mom’s home!!! Seriously this is just about all that matters, so I could end the post here. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll ramble on because I’m bored, tired, and feel the need to update this semi-regularly. Fair warning.

For those of you keeping up lately, I continued cooking dinners for my brother, father, and myself. This included meatloaf, failed baked potatoes (more on that in a minute) peanut butter bars, and lots of nachos and pizza because I’m lazy. Oh, also chicken alfredo with bacon. Yep, I’m cool.

So the meatloaf was great. We use sausage and ground beef as well as generous amounts of swiss cheese. We eat it with ketchup and usually a side of baked potatoes. Except the potatoes were taking forever to cook, and Dad forgot to turn the oven off as he left like he promised. Oops. Did you know that after cooking for 4 hours, there’s not much left to potatoes? Well, there’s not.

I also made peanut butter oatmeal bars. These are pretty much self-explanatory. Peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips, and other things to put them all together and make deliciousness. They’re excellent breakfast food or snackage.

But, the important part, is I am no longer playing the role of housekeeper, a task I completely suck at. This past Thursday I left for the 8 hour drive to our lovely Upper Peninsula to rescue my mother from Hick-town. And visit Fay. Her new apartment/house/thing is cute, with clearly diy remodels that are painful to look at. But it’s nice, clean, updated, and the people next door are really nice.

Anyway. Before I left, I went to our new local library to get some audio books. I got Christopher Paolini’s book Inheritance. I actually thought it was the whole series. Nope. This one book takes around 14 CDs to listen to. If you haven’t read this series, do it. Eldest is a bit slow and annoying at parts, but seriously, they’re fabulous and you need that book in the series. But that’s not the best part. The guy doing the reading is from the northern parts of Britain. He does voices. The girls have these super faint, quiet, gentle voices! So the leader of this band of rebels slams her hand on a table and shouts something along the lines of “I don’t care if it does get his goider, I want it done!” and the voice actor has this high-pitch gentle sound for her. And he growls for Saphira. It’s hysterical and I almost didn’t make it through the first chapter. Once he got into the narration, it was great, but I almost didn’t make it. It was soooooo funny.

My gps randomly stops functioning half-way to any destination. It’s grand. Also, it took me along a route with NO bathrooms for over 3 hours. NONE. Do you hear me? And I woke up with such bad allergy side effects that I thought I had the world’s worst sinus cold. I was downing liquid to maintain sanity. No. Bathrooms.

But I made it. We did a hair/makeup night the second night to show Fay how to not put her hair in the I-work-at-Taco-Bell-ponytail which included me cutting some quick wispy bangs and Mom declaring Fay doesn’t leave the house without mascara. Blonde eyelashes, man. I have a cheater mascara trick I use, but I also have black lashes, so I’m exempt from that rule a bit. We also watched a few shows and ate Pizza Hut, which is always good. We did have the second-worst waitress in history though.

(The actual worst actually had a customer stop her and scold her about her bad attitude, lack of work ethic, and inability to perform her job. The customer was a seriously successful business man. We waited over an hour for burgers. She seriously sucked, and deserved a much harsher tongue-lashing than she got.)

And now Mom’s home. Poor Fay is on her own, but her school schedule made me want to die, so she’ll be busy. Mom and I are trying to get this new house in order. The square footage is greater than our last house, but the storage is much smaller. We have a dining room, but no real linen closet. We have two stories, but a much smaller basement. See the dilemma? It’s been an interesting trade-off. Also, our kitchen was halved. Not joking. Wish I was. It’s maddening. You cook one dish and the kitchen is trashed.

Anyway, that’s the life update since I’ve been awol. We finished the new season of NCIS on Netflix (AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) and bought organization stuff for my room today. We also watched the new Jungle Book movie. I had serious issues with it. Eventually, I need to remake that cake for Mom. I did remake the soup, but she doesn’t like sausage. So now I get soup. I promise the next update will be more coherent.