Continuing my adventures in adulting on my own! For the record, I continued cooking the chicken the following night with more potatoes. It was delicious. Dad and I are still eating the cake, which is also delicious.

Yesterday, Dad and I went to the grocery store(s) to get some staples. I made a list of potential meals, key ingredients, and set out to get everything we needed. Frozen pizza for dinner, because Friday is pizza night.

Today, I intended to make meatloaf for dinner. However, despite grocery shopping yesterday, we failed to get a key ingredient for that so I switched gears. This past year, my grandma has decided she likes Olive Garden, and since she likes taking us out for meals frequently. This resulted in me discovering that they have the best Shrimp Alfredo in the world, and a lovely soup called Zuppa Toscana. I found a copycat recipe, here, and decided to try my hand. At the soup, not the Alfredo. I’m not suicidal yet.

This recipe was remarkably easy. Although, I bought the sausage in the casing because it was mentioned in the recipe, and buying it out of the casing would have saved me a really slimy task. Dad insisted on buying more than one bundle of Kale, so now I have an extra bundle in my fridge. I substituted evaporated milk for cream, because that’s what I had and what my Google search told me to do. Otherwise, I followed the recipe. It was really easy.

Tada!!! photo-2


Bon appetit!