So, Fay left for college today. Everyone in our family (minus me) left this morning with a church van, trailer, and Fay’s car packed to the brims with her stuff and their luggage. We spent her last night in town at Deb’s house watching the new Girl Meets World episode (AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!), which I’ve been waiting for since about 1998. Georgia is already moping. As in, an hour gone and she went through the room tail down, ears drooping, and pouted. And Mom will be gone with her for 3 weeks, leaving me in charge of the house and food. Yikes.

Adulting sucks.

In related news, half our group is leaving this month for the same reason: college. Which is great, truly, but that’s a lot of people leaving all at once. Included in the number is our friend Indy. Yes, this nickname is stolen directly from Indiana Jones. Why? Because on our mission trip in Peru I dubbed him Indiana Jonas. He had always been known as the Indiana Jones of our group, and all the girls thought he was Joe Jonas in Peru, so I combined the two. His hair is shorter now, but I’m keeping this alias.

Indy works at a pet shop and teaches rock climbing at the local community center. He knows how to do everything, and if he decides he wants to do something, he does and does it well. He can wear anything and look good, do anything and succeed. It’s kinda rude, actually. Indy is sweet, and shy, and I’m ridiculously stoked for him.

This also means I now have to find someone new to text when our Singles Group pest acts inappropriately during Bible Study. Usually this guy does something ridiculously obnoxious and the two of us will send texts and chuckle over it together. It’s the only time we text, but I enjoy it. Or, I’ll just pester him from a couple thousand miles away…. I’ll do that.

None of that was relevant… But now you’ve all been introduced to Indy. Back to the reason for this post.

So, what will I be doing while everyone is gone? Normally, I’d bring Pheebs over for a night, or Jo, or both. But they’re both housesitting.

Recently, Pheebs introduced me to Julie and Julia. I then watched it again at home with Mom and Fay. I love it. It also increased my recent desire to cook to a need to try to cook things. Since I’m in charge of food for the better part of the month, I think I’ll be exploring new recipes. Mom and Fay took the Mastering the Art of French Cooking book, so I have a different one of Julia Child’s works. It’s not as good though, and I suspect I’ll be implementing Pepper Plate quite a bit. And Pinterest. I don’t mind cooking (though younger me hated it), but I prefer baking. On the menu so far, I’m thinking meatloaf, rosemary chicken and potatoes (our newest favorite recipe), some sort of stir fry, and probably a lot of things with potatoes. Dad’s also picking up frozen pizzas so I don’t have to cook every night.

Basically it will be me at home alone with music and a kitchen and Netflix. And Georgia. So yeah, just me. Dad and Aiden will be home on Monday, but they work everyday. Feel free to stay updated on my descent into madness on here if you’re as bored as I will be.

If you have suggestions for things to cook for my picky brother, please leave them in the comments.

Now, if you need me, I’ll be alternating between watching Gibbs and burning things in the oven. Pray for me.