Welcome to the blog of Calli, a 23 year old navigating the world and life after college. This is your last chance to run.

If you’ve read the About page, then I stated pretty basically why I started this blog, but I thought I’d elaborate here.

My best friend is Phoebe Ava, who started an anonymous blog for the purpose of saying what she meant. After reading her blog for awhile, I decided to try the same thing. To that extent, as mentioned in the About page, none of the names listed here are real. Except my dog, Georgia. Currently, the only ones who know who I actually am are Phoebe, and possibly her sister Jo. So on this blog, I will be attempting to be honest. I understand some of the problems with anonymity in the internet age, and have chosen to use it for my own personal use, rather than for some gain or to deceive anyone. I work problems out better when I talk or write through them, so that’s another goal here.

I have many reasons for this, so I’ll start with a big one for me that many might not see as a big problem: We attend a big baptist church. That’s it. That’s the problem. This church is wonderful, the pastor is the most brilliant and loving man ever. The youth pastor isn’t afraid to love us and call us idiots or make us clean roofs in Peru and then take us for ice-cream. But in a church, there can be a sort-of pack mindset focused on tradition. Courting, 3 church services a week, revivals, missions, homeschooling, etc. All of it can become “shoulds” rather than “cans,” and I find this immensely frustrating at times. And often, because of this, it can be difficult to just say “I absolutely loathe this event that everyone is so excited about” because then you feel like you might be judged or looked down on. Sometimes you are, but those people who judge on that stuff have other problems. However, it makes it difficult to be honest with family, friends, and the occasional old bitty nosing into your business every day. (I promise I’m not normally disrespectful of elderly; but this is a very case-specific word that I will use when it applies. It does not apply to every older woman or gentleman.)

Which lead to another reason: family and friends. I can be completely, blatantly, rudely honest with Phoebe and Jo and they just laugh and understand, so I don’t care about them. But sometimes it’s hard to tell people things, and sometimes you need to say things that people don’t need to hear, just to get them off your chest.

And lastly: personal freedom. There is an incredible amount of personal freedom gained from blogging without fear of offending people you care about. I’m awkward, odd, and an incredible people pleaser. People pleasing can be a curse, folks. Case and point, I made sure I wouldn’t upset Phoebe before cutting my hair short the other day because she had recently done so. Not because I care about her cutting her hair so much, but because I remember cutting mine in high school once and having 6 other girls go out and get the exact same haircut. It was maddening, and I wanted her to know I wasn’t copying her. Then, I got it cut and started worrying about what 12749 other people would think of it. Who cares?!?!?!? I don’t even like most of those people. It’s a curse, I tell ya, a curse!

So, with that being said, welcome to Serendipity Life. I know the name is not grammatically correct, but I like it better than Serendipitous Life because Serendipity. For curious readers, Phoebe blogs over at Undercover Blonde.

PS: I’ll be adding a list of pseudonyms later for clarity, but so far you only have Pheebs and Jo, so if you can’t keep up with that you’re in trouble.