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Wedding Update

Aiden and Nina are Married!Everyone keeps asking me if it's weird, but it honestly has little bearing on my life. He was always either at work or at the Morryce's house, so... nothing really different there. It is weird saying... Continue Reading →


The One Where Monica Wins

Last weekend was the wedding! It was amazing, and wonderful, and I'll delve into that more in the next post because I had something more.... needing of writing. Writing is my therapy, after all. Very few people know this, but... Continue Reading →

Ringing in 2018

It's been below 0 lately. And no, I don't mean like -2. I mean like -22. Honestly, I think this cold snap may have solved the polar bears' ice issue… Even the doggos were ready to come inside this morning,... Continue Reading →

TMI Personal Care and Beauty

Disclaimer: this post has been brought to you by at least 4 people trying to sell me their "miracle" skin stuff they're selling. And one being rude when I rejected politely, saying something like "well if you're not interested in... Continue Reading →

Growth and Goals

Recently, I've been reading and watching a lot of "inspirational" stories or stories about new year resolutions, 101 in 1001 challenges, things like that. There is no way I could do the 101 in 1001 challenge. That kind of stuff... Continue Reading →

I Have a Life Now! So, Naturally, it’s Complicated.

This is the part of the blog post where I say that I'm blogging because I realized I wrote a few partial drafts but haven't published anything in months, and was reminded to by Phoebe and Jo. I'm pathetic at... Continue Reading →

Welcome to August

Welcome back. If you're still reading this blog, you must be extremely devoted or bored. But I appreciate it, and hope you enjoy it. We did a girl's retreat! Me, Fay, Pheebs, and Jo went up to my favorite campground... Continue Reading →

Far Too Long

I know. It's terrible. And honestly, Jo and Phoebe posting on theirs is the only thing that really reminded me. So, I thought I'd give a quick update on my long hiatus. We went to our cousin's wedding at this... Continue Reading →

Clever Dogs and Chaos

Remind me again: why did I get a clever dog? Gunny has displayed a few new self-taught tricks this past week. The first one was climbing up the stairs until he was at the same height as a bookshelf/side table... Continue Reading →

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